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Robert E Kelly  BS< CSE, HSC

Author of the book

"Manic-Depression : Illness or Awakening.


Shamanic Practicioner-Pioneer in the shamanic understanding of Bi-polar

Ordained Minister 

Shamanic Counselor

Kripalu Yoga Teacher

Vegetarian Chef CTP

Living Foods Lifestyle Coach



           Personal History


My path is that of the healer/teacher. My ‘calling’ started as a ‘pyschotic break’ back in 1978. I received a BS in Criminal Adminstration from the University of New Haven and a Computer Programming degree from New York University. 


In 1980 I changed the course of my life to understand what happened to me during this initiation process - by taking responsibility for my experience and my life. What was it? How did it work? Who could teach me? 


What I found is that our mental health system has taken a tremendous gift and labeled it a mental illness. This action has, in turn, caused death and destruction to thousands of individuals and their families. 


  The tragedy that exists today in our culture is that there are no wise elders who understand the process - just a fumbling attempt by the mental health system to correct what they interpret as a problem. 


    By reframing this 'psychotic break' as an 'initiation experience' it allows the experience to be understood as a 'growth process' and not a mental illness. The challenge now becomes finding a course of action to support this path in a society that has all but forgotten any kind of living mystical aspect of our culture.


I have worked with world renown psychiatrist John C. Pierrakos, one of the founders of Bioenergetics and later, Core Energetics. Also with Natalie H. Rogers Behavioral Psychotherapist and a Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry, Cornell Medical College.


In 1992 studied with AnnMarie Colbin, author of "Food and Healing" and director of the Natural Gourmet Cooking School in NYC, in understanding the use of food as a source for healing and I graduated from her Chef training program.


 Following along this same path in 2006 I received training from the Ann Wigmore National Health Institute in the use of raw foods as a alternative method of healing.


I have attended workshops in ‘Holotropic Breathe Work’ a system developed by Stan Grof, one of the founders of the field of transpersonal psychology and a pioneering researcher into the use of non-ordinary states of consciousness for purposes of exploring, healing, and obtaining growth and insights into the human psyche.


 I studied with Gerald Epstein, who uses mental imagery. Mental imagery has been used for thousands of years by healers and wisdom keepers of many cultures to heal the sick, benefit the community, and connect to the Divine. All teachings aim to encourage and preserve your freedom.



 A student of Jungian thought, I have explored the teachings of Jung both individually and from several leaders in the field. Jung's is a tradition that knows exactly what is happening to these individuals on a psychological level but has fallen short to champion the very stratum of society they can help.


In 1992 I recieved ‘shakitipat’ spiritual initiation from the Siddha Yogi tradition from Gurumayi.

I have lived part of my life in a Ashram that has grounded and given balance in my life. I am a certified bodyworker as well as a certified yoga instructor. I am also a student of Vipassana insight meditation which is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation from 2500 years ago.


I have studied with many teachers over the past 35 years - all seemingly to offer valid and insightful information. Yet at no time did I ever come across a method or teacher that could fully explain my experiences and direct me with 100% certainty until I came across the anicent practice of shamanism.  


 I have recieved ‘initiation’ by Peruvian shamans Don Francisco, Don Juan and Doña Juana through The Four Winds Society.


 I was later guided to the Foundation for Shamanic Studies; the FSS is the organization Michael Harner founded to preserve the core shamanic methods of indigenous peoples worldwide. I have studied and continue to study several aspects of shamanic healing including soul retrieval, divination and spirit release work with several FSS teachers. Graduate of the FSS 3 year advanced shamanic program and completed the 5 day Harner Shamanic Counseling workshop under the guidance of FSS instructor April Tuck. I have studied under Betsy Bergstrom the leading authority of Compassionate Depossession work.


I have personally studied with several advanced teachers in the field  of Shamanism including Michael Harner, Alberto Villoldo, Sandra Ingerman, Betsy Bergstrom, Hank Wesselman, John Perkins, Jose Stevens, don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Sergio Magana, and Bradford Keeney. 

 I have been taught by Carlos Castanada’s people as they traveled through the northeast in the late 1990’s.


I became a Shamanic counselor in 2013.

Ordained as Minster of the Church of the Scared Earth in 2013.


My primary focus is being a alternate resource for other individuals that have been ‘called’ by spirit but have, through no fault of their own, feel lost and alone with nowhere to turn.


Shamanic knowledge has been lost in our culture for hundreds of years. Removed by both religious prosecution and government interference. This knowledge is now being released back into the modern world stage. A forgotten and often misunderstood healing method.


All illness has a spiritual cause which then manifests in the physical body. I work on your spiritual body, and once that is addressed, it permits physical healing to take place. Sometimes this healing is instantaneous, sometimes it takes a few weeks or a month to complete.


PLEASE NOTE- I am not a medical doctor nor do I claim to be one. I am a shamanic practitioner. My work is not meant to be a substitute for medical care. If you think you need a doctor, by all means please contact a doctor.

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