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The experience that has been labeled

'Manic-Depression' is not a mental illness. Rather a psychological process, well documented by Carl Jung, which needs to be completed in order to 're-set' the psychè.

Our modern day approach is to discontinue the process by disabling the psychè through drug therapy causing tremendous harm to the individual.

The Mental Health system is financed by Big Pharma and profit comes first not healing.


If you read the works of individuals such as John Perry, R.D. Laing, Thomas Szasz, Roberto Assagioli, Carl Jung and many others you will understand that this unintentional break with consensus reality although terrifying and confusing is not a illness but a experience of the unconscious without the benefit of the personal ego to contain it. 


This understanding has long been known, accepted and proven in world of psychiatry.

All successful alternative healing methods were defunded in the 70's and 80's. A profitable medication model was implemented by pharmaceutical companies.

Unless you do your research you will fall victims to the medication model and the blame lies with you.

Finding support for your path will not be an easy task. Jung referred to this process as 'individualization'.


It is a lifelong path to walk, your journey will be met with both hostility and disbelief. 

People who have not experienced this particular altered state of consciousness have no personal basis from which they can help you which includes both mental health professionals and the clergy.

The initial experience needs almost six weeks to reorient the individual to the effects of the process. Seclusion, diet, and lifestyle are necessary components in the healing process.


In the past many centers had been created to assist in this process. The alternative structures that were created such as Diabasis House, Soteria House, The Agnews Project, Burch House, I-Ward, all produced results that exceeded expectations and validated the non-medication approach as a viable choice.

But eventually were closed down for lack of funding as the medical model was worth billions in profit versus alternative choices that only brought healing.


It is very hard to fight a billion dollar entity. The better choice is to do your own research and create your own system of healing.


           Mistaken for Mental Illness

 Shamanism is an indigenious practice that dates back over 40,000 years and is a precursor to all modern day religions.
     Within it contains information that will explain all aspects of the bi-polar experience and the knowledge to transverse the landscape.

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 Private Appointments


Do not let someone else invalidate your experience. Your experience your responsibility.

My name is Robert Kelly author of the book "Manic-Depression : Illness or Awakening. It is both my experience and belief that our Mental Health Sytem, although well intentioned, has gone down the wrong road. This experience labeled bi-polar is a "initiation" process that calls the individual to a path that has long been forgotten. A modern day tragedy with devastating results.

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