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Why would individuals want to see a shamanic practitioner? 


 Shamanism views any illness as a lack of power. It sees the illness as a intrusion. Shamanism works on the spiritual aspect of the illness which is believed to be the root cause.


 The aim of the work is to restore your full power. Once your power is restored the conditions of illness will also be affected. 


 Illness comes to us in many forms and for many different reasons. There is a working relationship between the individual and their illness. It is through the work of the spirits through the shaman that these relationships are identified and addressed.


This shamanic method is a working relationship between the spirits, shaman, and the patient.


The essence of the work is compassion, and the work is done to alleviate suffering of all kinds. In shamanism, you receive shamanic work, and by receiving, you participate in the reclamation of your health and power.


There may be more than one session that is necessary for both addressing your illness and learning its wisdom.   A cure can be defined as cessation of all pain and physical symptoms. But sometimes there are several aspects that you need to address before you reach a state of wholeness. Like many things in life the road is not always straight.


When you are ready to work with your illness, to move through it -- that's an excellent time to see a shamanic practitioner.


And I am happy to answer questions or chat for a few minutes. Want to know more? Please e-mail me at


Research paleoanthropologist Hank Wesselman is one of those rare cutting edge scientists who truly walks between the worlds. In his explorations of these inner worlds, Hank may have also provided us with a glimpse into the possible evolutionary future of humanity.


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