Long Distance Healing (LDH)



 I offer LDH as a service for those who are not in my area. The cost is $150.00. There has to be an exchange with any interaction. In the shamanic culture the exchange was within the community as the shaman services helped the people and in turn the people supported the shaman but this culture does not exist today. In our culture the exchange is based on a monetary system.


Long Distance Healing works because there is no time and space in the spirit world. As all shamanic healing deals with the spiritual aspect of the issue.

The healing is done through spirit, the practitioner is just the medium who connects both worlds.




Our helping spirits are always present. Our challange is to acknowledge and be open to receive the gifts they have to offer. By re-establishing this connection we re-connect to our source.  






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There needs to be a collaboration between our physical world and the spiritual world. The shamanic practitioner developes this connection.

The practitioner's effectiveness is directly related to the depth and understanding of this connection

In todays society we have lost our connection to spirit. We have removed ourselves so far from nature that we do not consider ourselves a part of nature. We stand apart and alone from the very essence of our being. This disconnection is the dis-ease that we all experience.