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The time that it takes to go through the process will take approximately six weeks to complete. It is not a easy path to walk. This is not a fix. Your lifestyle that you have been living is a major factor in your experience. The world as we know it is a 'insane' one. Thus the experience you underwent has been a corrective measure by your unconscious to change your reality.

"... normality is the state of insanity, of spiritual  derangement that society must transcend." -- Seth Farber[The Spiritual Gift of Madness]

Every aspect of your life will be shifted in some way. There are some aspects of the accepted treatment that is shared with the alternative treatment. For one, you need to be removed from your everyday world. The hospital ward is one avenue. A place to be taken care of. The everyday worry of living is taken care of. Sleep and food being two of the major concerns. But instead of being drugged into submission which stops the process, you are allowed to continue through the process under supervision, allowing the process to find its own way through. 

It will take another eight months or so to be able to reintegrate back into the world. In which time you are educated about the process you are going through and the changes that are needed for you to become stable.

Once you have reintegrated back into the world everything will be different. The term "creative maladjustment", has been used to explain what is needed to be done, summarizes your path. You need to walk a path a tension between the insane 'normal' world and the new world understanding that you have been given. 

'Dangerous gifts' is a term used by the Mad Pride movement to identify the positive aspects of the individual in crisis. The point being that the 'gifts' associated with experiencing a altered reality can become very dangerous if not treated carefully.





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