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Fighting For My Tribe


  Just because we have been graced by 'initiation' does not grant us any special entitlement. We have just come to awareness of another reality - just as we cannot see ultraviolet rays and X-rays in the light spectrum or hear the highest and lowest frequencies in the sound spectrum but know they exist. We are the ones' that have experienced the 'other' frequencies of the one accepted reality that we all agree on. It is not a matter of faith with us, it is a matter of experience.


It is your choice and your choice alone whether or not to take on this challenge. It is not a one-time goal and you're done. This is a life choice - a life path that you will walk your entire life. Maybe you discover that you have the gift of healing, maybe you find that understanding this is not enough. Like any field of study there are those who were born to be healers and there are others who learn to be healers. You were born to be a healer.


I found a 'way'. I found the answers to my questions. I found my truth. And like any other path in life we choose, we still have to do our personal work. The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and ethical considerations are also part of the program. There are aspects of our character that needs to be molded, pruned and molded and pruned again. We need to be able to function as a productive member of society at the same time that we walk on this path. 


There is an old indian story about what the First Warrior said to the Great Spirit. 

   The first Warrior looked out upon the land that was his home, he saw the hills, and the stars and he was happy. For giving him this home the first warrior told the Great Spirit that he will fight and win many battles in his honor. The great spirit said no, do not fight for me, fight for your tribe. Fight for the family born to you, fight for the brothers you find. Fight for them the Great Spirit said, for they are your home.








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