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"Wounded Healer" is a term used in the alternative healing circles to denote a individual who has taken responsibility for their situation and have moved through it. My book "Manic-Depression: Illness or Awakening" is a story of a Wounded Healer. It is my story, a story that continues to move forward. It is a story of how I discovered what others cannot see. That the experienced called "Manic-Depression" is not what our mental health system says it is.


       My book follows my path as I refuted the notion that my experience was a mental illness. It covers fifteen years of my life. Five manic phases and three hospitalizations. Exploring each and every facet of my experiencies. Holding on to my sanity as my mind tried to run away. Each time gaining alittle more insight, another piece of the puzzle.


Add another twenty years since the publishing of my book I can now say that I found the answers I been searching for. My experience is actually a 'awakening' of ones' soul to the divinity that we all share. A aspect of human development that our society has been destroying through our own ignorance.


Our mental health system has it wrong. Those early pioneer's who put their reputation and career's on the line had it correct. Harvard trained Richard Alpert,aka Ram Dass, John Perry-"Trials of the Visionary Mind", Thomas Szasz, "The Myth of Mental Illness", Roberto Assagioli, "Psychosynthesis", Carl Jung, the leading psychistrist in the last seventy-five years,  Loren Mosher, founder of Soteria house, alternative treatment center, shutdown in US but thriving in several countries in Europe. These are just a few individuals that looked at mental illness as something other than what our mental health system claims. 


 I have answers. I have traveled this path and found my way out of the labyrinth of this experience called 'bi-polar'. It is not an easy path, the dangers are real, the road is long and

it can not be transversed on your own.

With that being said, this experience is that 'calling' the bible talks about. It is the experience that spiritual seekers work to attain through their disciplines. You are being 'called' and only you can answer that 'call'. You can accept societies view and live your life on psychiatric drugs and have the state care for you or you can take self-responsibility and live the life you were born to live.





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