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Big Pharma

"In 1998 Dr. Loren Mother wrote a letter resigning from the APA after 35 years sighting the reason for his resignation was that the American Psychiatric Association had actually become "the AmericanPsychopharmacological Association." 

:At this point in history, in my view, psychiatry has been almost completely bought out by the drug companies. The APA could not continue on without the pharmaceutical company support of meetings, symposia, workshops, journal advertising, grand rounds luncheons, unrestricted educational grants etc. etc. Psychiatrists have become the minions of drug companies promotions ... It seems clear that we are headed towards a situation in which, except for academics, most psychiatric practitioners will have no real relationship--- so vital to the healing process--with the disturbed and disturbing persons they treat. Their sole role will be that of prescription writers."

                                                                         ----The Spiritual Gift of Madness

                                                                                            Seth Farber


This is also echoed by Dr. Breggin,

    "Health insurers play a largely unexplored role in reinforcing the psychopharmaceutical complex. They tend to reimburse well for drugs, electroshock, and psychiatric hospitalizations. On the other hand, they pay relatively little or nothing for psychotherapy and other forms of social rehabilitation' such as halfway houses, crisis centers, and residential homes, which ultimately can be more effective and less costly." p.364 Toxic Psychiatry


" The drug companies provide the backbone of financial support for the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and for most organized psychiatry. . .  The drug companies also support special political projects, such as APA's annual meetings on how to lobby for favorable legislation."  p. 345 Toxic Psychiatry


        So the Bottom line is : You are solely responsible for your experience. If you give that responsible away to the mental health system not only do you disempower yourself, your future health becomes whatever they say it is. The choice is always yours. Choose wisely.

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