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                MEDICATION MADNESS



We are in a mental health culture that is powered by the pharmaceutical companies. They are for-profit companies that prioritize their bottom line first. They have managed to get their agenda completely immersed into the mental health system. Funding millions of dollars for research, financially supporting the American Psychiatric Association through their advertising campaigns.

The Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) has more conditions that need medical treatment with pharmaceutical drugs than ever before. Many of the individuals involved in the publishing of the DSM are receiving financial support from the pharmaceutical companies.


Millions of dollars more are funneled through professional lobbyists in Washington to insure that their agenda is move forward through the legal system. Insurance companies can only reimburse Doctors if their treatment is spelled out in the DSM.





According to Peter Breggin, M.D. a Harvard -trained and a former full-time consultant at the National Institute of Mental health,


           "Psychiatry nowdays is all about drugs and drug company interests, and hardly                     at all about people and their real needs." 


         " . . .it is clear that psychiatric drugs impair the physical and mental well-being of millions of people, sometimes resulting in mayhem, murder, and suicide."


            " . . . psychistric drugs do more harm than good  . . . They have no 'curative' power and instead blunt the emotions, cause indifference, or produce artificial euphoria creating an illusion of improvement in a life that's not going to improve . . "



On Electric Shock Therapy (ECT),


              " Shock treatment always causes severe brain dysfunction."



below are links to his insightful books on the madness of our system.










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