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Wake up or stay medicated ...

Updated: Mar 21

Just recently from a study coming out of the UK has determinded that there is absolutely no chemical imbalance that exists in the experience that has been pathologically termed bi-polar..

All those people and families that have been duped by the therapists and pharmaceutical companies paid a great price, many died and families destroyed.

This experience is NOT an illness but a irruption into a altered reality.

Culturally here in the US there is no other structure for this experience except mental illness. Therapists are taught that all aspects of this experience is pathological. You will be sent off to the psych ward, drugged and trapped in a nightmare.

If you seek help from Church leaders they will direct you to the culturally sanctioned mental health system which is heavily subsidized by big pharma.

Until you accept personally responsibility for your experience your fate will be sealed by the culture norms by which you live.

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