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Plant Spirit Medicine

In the shamanic world everything is considered to have spirit. Trees, rocks, and plants are just a few examples. In my training over the years I have learned to journey to many of these spirits both for healing and information. There has been a movement in the recent years in the healing arts to bring psychedelics plant spirits into the process.

I have avoided hallucinogenic plant spirits over the last 40 years as my sensitivity is very high and going into the the spirit world is easy, getting out not so much. In our culture any substance that alters consciousness has been demonized. Only man made drugs are legal to use. Until recently I had consciously chosen to not explore that world and now that my understanding has deepened my choices have changed.

I have chosen tobacco, cannabis, and mushrooms to work with over the last two years. It takes time and focus to establish a relationship with each spirit. Just as we have friends in our shared reality, forming relationships with plant spirits follows the same commitment.

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